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Monday, February 28, 2011

Info : IBM Lotusphere and Information On Demand Comes To You Event in Malaysia

  Each month, over 30 billion pieces of links, news, photos, and more are shared on Facebook. Every single minute, a day’s worth of video is uploaded to YouTube. These figures will rise as more flock to social networking communities such as online forums and blogs.

Social is the new intelligence. Each status update or a click on “like” is an opportunity to understand your colleagues, customers, and partners better. Yet much of this valuable information remains unmanaged – even lost – in an ocean of data.

If only you could filter out the noise of unwanted information, to hear what your customers are really saying and connect deeper with them. Or distil the wisdom of social networks to make smarter, more informed business decisions.
  On 10 March 2011, two of the greatest industry conferences – Lotusphere and Information On Demand – as one powerhouse event. It’s a day where business gets social. Where people meet information. Where insights become innovation.  

Discover why social is the new intelligence, and learn how to distil the market wisdom of social networks to help us make better business decisions. Participate in a slew of unique breakout sessions on social software, predictive analytics, “show 'n' tell” product demos, and more.
Learn to transform vast amounts of unstructured content into information you can trust. Plug into the exclusive social circle of leaders and experts in information management and collaboration.
Become an IBM-certified professional for FREE.

  You can master the business of people and information. Attend this event and be prepared to break traditional barriers. Learn to predict business outcomes and act on new insights. And get ready to work smarter, broaden your social network, and harness the power of information, right away.

Registration Details
For registration or more information, please contact Ivy or Ivan at 03-2091 9045, or email to isbts@ap-comms.com or visit ibm.com/my/events/isbts/lotusiod

8.30am Registration & Walk-About at Solution Showcase with Refreshments
9.30am Welcome Address
9.45am Lotusphere Keynote: The Dawn of the Social Business
10.35am Information On Demand Keynote: Gain Insights. Optimize Results.
11.15am TEA BREAK
11.25am Gartner Analyst Insights: Collaborative Decision-Making Platforms:
A New Way to Make Decisions
12.00pm The Panel for Social Intelligence facilitated by Gartner
  Get Social. Do Business. Gain Insights. Optimize Results.
1.30pm The Social Advantage: Leverage Social Business
To Cultivate Leadership & Innovation
Information Governance: Trusted Information for Smarter Decisions
2.10pm From 'Blah' to 'Wow': How Social Strategies
can Build Exceptional Customer Relationships
From Information to Insight:
The Big Value of Big Data
2.50pm Project Northstar: A Roadmap to Exceptional
Web Experiences
Social Analytics: Create Relationships,
Build Advocacy, Improve Loyalty
3.30pm TEA BREAK
3.50pm Content-Centric vs. People Centric: The Copernican Revolution of Today's Business New Innovations, New Value: ECM Developments for Business and Industry
4.20pm A Better Way Forward: Understanding the Future
of Collaboration
Empowering Information Governance:
Be Masters of Your Information
5.00pm Get Social in the Cloud: Optimizing Delivery with Cloud Collaboration Moving to the Fast Lane with Workload Optimize Systems
5.30pm Q&A and Lucky Draw
5.45pm Walk-About at Solutions Showcase
6.00pm END

  *Agenda and Speakers are subject to change.

*Note: For IT Specialists! There are 4 Mini Tracks with technical demos for you. For more information, visit

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