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Friday, August 10, 2012

RM399 instead of RM1580 for Bullet Express; The Amazing 8 Minute Meal Machine from Hotphase

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What You'll Get

  • Bullet Express:
    • Bullet Express Motor Base
    • Meal Mixer Express
    • Meal Maker Express
    • Juicer Express Attachment
    • Ready in 8 Bonus Cookbook
    • 3-Months Warranty (upon manufacturing defects)
    • User Manual


  • The Motor Base is the common mechanism that powers the other components. The Safety Clamps on the Motor Base hold the other components safely in place during operation
  • The Meal Mixer Express attachment is used for variety of functions including mixing, blending, chopping, mincing, ice crushing, etc. at bullet speeds
  • The Meal Maker Express attachment is used for slicing and shredding of vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses in seconds
  • The Bullet Express User Manual explains proper usage, safety and care for the Bullet Express machine

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Sharidawati Shahrudin said...

banyaknya saving berbanding harga yg ditawarkan... huhu

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