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Thursday, July 25, 2013

20-Pieces Baby Food Blender from INU Universal. Buy 1 at RM118 or 2 at RM230

Ensure your baby's health and happiness with this Baby Food Blender! The smiley face is a testament to how much it cares for your baby's welfare. Use the baby food blender to make all sorts of nutritional foods for your baby, ensuring that they grow big and strong!

The Baby Food Blender set also comes with storage cups that can let you know the freshness of the food you've made. It's only the best for your baby with the Baby Food Blender!
If you have no idea what to make - don't fret! The Baby Food Blender comes with a cookbook and nutrition book that will tell you exactly what your baby needs! So get it now at RM118 for 1 or get 2 at RM230!!


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Tengkubutang said...

yunk.. mintak izin nak share ni kat belog teman yea.. untuk simpan takut terlupa kot2 lea nanti berguna masa akan datang kan.. hee.. nti teman credit kan kesini yea..

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