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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Info 22 : Care For Your Gas Appliances

Care For Your Gas Appliances

Your gas appliances require utmost care for safety and reliability. We advise you to follow the instructions in the operating manual provided by your appliance supplier.

In the event that you smell any disagreeable odour, witness overflow of flame or find an appliance unusually hot to touch while in use, stop using it immediately and call the appliance supplier.

Care For Your Gas Stove
You burner requires utmost care. You must clean the burner regularly to avoid incomplete combustion caused by clogging.

What you should do

  • Remove the burner top and use toothbrush to brush away clogs and stains.
  • Clean thoroughly the grooves cut on its underside.

Care For Your Gas Rice Cooker
If you have scorched a pan, check the round indentations on the base of the pan. Stains inside this indentation lower the function of the heat sensor, which sometimes results in scorching.

What you should do

  • Turn the pan over and check the indentation in the centre
  • Wash away any stains with detergent.

Care For Your Ventilation Extractor Fans
Ventilation extractor fans are indispensable for use with gas appliances. Frequent cleaning is necessary to ensure that it is oil and dust-free allowing smooth rotation of the fan and ease in opening the shutters.

What you should do

  • Frequent cleaningEnsure it's oil and dust-freeSmooth rotation

Choose The Right Appliance
At Gas Malaysia, we supply NG and LPG to your premise. We advise you to refer to your developer or maintenance personnel for the type of gas supplied to your premise as incompatibility of appliances and type of gas used can cause risks of fire, poisoning and incomplete combustion.

You can also check the label on your gas appliances for compatibility to natural gas.

Do not use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) on burners that have been specially designed or converted for natural gas. The use of LPG on natural gas burners will cause the following undesirable effects:
  • Carbon monoxide generation
  • Soot (black carbon) generation
  • Strong and long flame
For a heat-generating appliance to function efficiently it must have sufficient air and the correct air to gas ratio for complete combustion.

On the other hand, natural gas should not be used on appliances that are meant for LPG or has been modified for LPG usage. This would cause:
  • Small and weak flame
  • Incomplete combustion

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